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Moving tonight's practice to Bennett  (from MBA website)
by posted 06/22/2022

Moving tonight's practice to Bennett



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Practice cancelled tonight  (from MBA website)
by posted 06/20/2022

Practice cancelled tonight

Hi, all.

I'm not one to cancel practice but the heat index is supposed to get pretty high right at practice time tonight so we've decided to give the boys the night off.


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Game tomorrow at Thorpe Park  (from MBA website)
by posted 06/20/2022

Game tomorrow at Thorpe Park (field 2), 7pm

Hi, all.

Sorry for the run around on this one. We are trying to avoid a forfeit and I've been working a lot with the other coach and field director to find a time/field. There are 2 fields at Thorpe Park. Field #2 is the north field.

Thorpe Park on Google Maps

Thanks, all.


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Team Updates   (from MBA website)
by posted 06/19/2022

Hi all,

Fun game on Friday! Hope everyone is enjoying their Fathers Day!


League updates (a little late):


Important Updates:

*End of Season In-House Tourney*

Community 8 – Community 14/15 teams only

We have discussed as a league to limit games going into the 4th of July weekend. We know this is tough for many, especially since these games would be the final ones.

The Brackets in the link below will be updated with field locations and game times by tomorrow.

*Community 8, 9, 10/11 and 12/3 - will start 6/27 with Championship games occurring on Thursday 6/30

*Community 14/15 – will start 6/27 with Championship games occurring on Friday 7/1

Click HERE on Saturday to review game times and locations.

Note –

·       You will not know your seeding and therefore your first game time/location until ALL REGULAR SEASON GAMES are completed and scores submitted.

·       In order to accommodate shifting up these games earlier in the week, this may mean that you will have 4:00pm games this week!

·       There are trophies for 1st – 3rd place, as well as for the consolation champion (12/13 and 14/15 do not have consolation trophies)


*Annual Deer Run Golf Tournament Fundraiser*

We have only 6 foursomes remaining! And new this year – we have JUST released today single golf spots. We have two signed up already! We’ll match you in a foursome with other MBA parents who want to golf and support our fundraiser! Please encourage your families to join us on Monday, June 20th.

Click HERE to register a foursome or single player. You can ALSO join us (and me!) for Dinner and the Live Auction. Those tickets are purchased in the same link! There will be exclusive items – Champions Club tickets! Fishing Excursion! Carols Correa’s personal game suite! And more!


*Field Announcements + Reminders for all families, coaches, fans*

1.       Bennett Park Rules – As tenants of Bennett Family Park, we must abide by their rules, which includes no alcohol on the property. This also extends to the parking lot, where they do not allow tailgating. Anyone in violation of this will be asked to leave the property.

2.       Excelsior Commons – if you have games in Excelsior, please ensure your players, families, and fans are picking up after themselves. We have heard from the park that trash is being left behind after sporting events. This is also being asked of Softball, who shares use of this field.

3.       Freeman Park – There is a paved path between the two parking lots at Freeman Park. No motorized vehicles are allowed on this path. Our organization has received numerous calls from concerned residents that parents are stopping and having their kids move the cones so they can drive through to the other parking lot. The cones are obviously there intentionally, and so that vehicles do not drive through, and this ultimately makes it safer for those that are walking and biking through the park.


*Trophies – Rookies/Community 6 and 7*

Your league leaders will be communicating to either Head Coaches, Team Managers, or both of you regarding picking up your team’s trophies for the season. These were just received and you’ll get notice soon. Please only reach out to the league leaders if you do not hear about trophies by 6/14.

As a reminder, your league leaders are:

Community 7’s - Andy Thill: 

Community 6’s – Eric Utoft: 

Rookie’s – Jason Sichting: 

*As a reminder – Participation trophies are only distributed for those age groups that do not participate in end of the season in-house tournaments. Community 8 – Community 14/15 have awards as outlined in my first topic above.


*Sponsor Plaques*

*Please remember that you will be responsible for picking up your Team Plaque at Kemmetmueller in Deephaven and then delivering to your sponsor with a big thank you! Not required, but highly engcouraged is having the kids all sign a thank you card….or even a baseball.

Plaques are not ready yet – but you can get started on getting the team to sign a card or ball in advance!

I’ll reach out when they are ready for pick up!


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Can you play Tuesday?  (from MBA website)
by posted 06/18/2022

Can you play Tuesday?

Hi, all.

Tuesday looks like it might be our last chance. We need 8 kids to avoid a forfeit. I'm texting each of you individually as well. Hoping to figure this out quickly.


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Game 6/23 and year end tournament   (from MBA website)
by posted 06/17/2022

We are looking to reschedule the game from last weekend to Thursday (6/23). This is the only night that works and they will want a forfeit if we can't do it. I currently have commitments from 8 kids (Finn and Obi can't be there). Please let me know quickly if something changes. 

Also, the year end tournament is the week following the last game. I think it will be Mon (Jun 26) through Fri (Jul 1) but we don't have the schedule on that yet. Please try to have an open schedule that week. The tournament usually goes through the weekend but I would think they would try to be done by Friday since Monday is July 4 and some will be looking to leave town.

Thanks, all.


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4:45 warmup tonight  (from MBA website)
by posted 06/17/2022

4:45 warmup, 5:30 game tonight

Reminder, we'll do warmup/BP 45 minutes before the game as usual.



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Practice change  (from MBA website)
by posted 06/15/2022

Please note practice has been moved to Bennett 3C and is 15 minutes earlier (6:45).

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Team pictures.  (from MBA website)
by posted 06/14/2022

Hi, all. I'm reposting Amy's post about team pictures as it sounds like not everyone has seen this.

Here is the link to your MBA team's photos. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know! Enjoy!

Emerson Smith
Scheduling Manager
Kemmetmueller Photography
18336 Minnetonka Blvd.
Deephaven, MN 55391
Phone: (952)-473-2142

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Reminder to RSVP  (from MBA website)
by posted 06/13/2022

Reminder to RSVP

Hi, all. I use the RSVPs to plan practice and game rotations. I just need to know who's going to be there. I'll send another email shortly to those that haven't clicked it yet.



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Can you play Thursday, Jun 23?  (from MBA website)
by posted 06/11/2022

Can you play Thursday, Jun 23?

Hi, all. This week isn't looking good for the reshedule. Please let me know if your son could play the following Thursday, June 23?



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No game today  (from MBA website)
by posted 06/11/2022

No game today

Hi, all. We are short players today. I'm working to try and reschedule.

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