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Update 4/22: Pictures On, Games Off, & Homework  (from MBA website)
by posted 04/22/2022

Hello Team Sota-Licious,

I had planned on sending this out a little later, but shortly ago, there were notifications preemptively cancelling each of our games this weekend due to unsuitable field conditions, so it seemed like a good time for an update.  Please be aware of that change and enjoy one less activity both Saturday and Sunday.

However, the Association has also just confirmed that our team photos, scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday 4/23 at 10:45 ARE STILL ON AS PLANNED. (At least their uniforms will be clean and dry for the photos, right?)

In addition, thanks to those of you who were present at yesterday's practice.  We were trying to move at a pretty rapid pace to make assessments and get some fundamentals down, but I promise there will be some additional opportunities for you to interact with the players in fun ways in the future, should you decide to help.

I am planning on requesting a make-up practice in the same time and location as our practice yesterday to compensate for our first cancelled practice.  If the slot is still open, I'll send the update once it is confirmed.  I'm aware that this would be two practices in one week and that this is not at our regularly scheduled time, so I understand if there are conflicts.  I can't think of a better time, however, to get our makeup practice in than before our first game.

If you have a first-year player or if your child might not be that familiar with the game, I'd highly recommend just trying to watch some baseball.  The Twins play every day this weekend--starting tonight at 7.  I wouldn't expect an 8 year old to make it through a full game, but if you're able to take in an inning or two with your child, it might be a great way to start a dialogue about how the game works, positions, and why players do what they do.

If your player is a little more experienced or has a strong desire to lead, they may be interested in being Practice Captain for the practice.  Practice Captains are players who show that they want to lead by example by listening, learning, and trying their best.  Our first Practice Captain yesterday was Bryce Carron who did an excellent job helping with warmups, demonstrating drills, and showing how to work hard.  Milo Makinen has some big shoes to fill as our next Practice Captain, but I'm confident he'll do a great job. If your player is interested (or conversely, if they are specifically not-interested) in a role as a Practice Captain, please reach out to myself or the rest of the coaching staff so that we're aware, and let them know that they can show the coaches that they're ready by being good role models in practice.  (There are 11 practices (including the makeup) and 11 players on the team, so it's entirely possible for everyone to have an opportunity as Practice Captain if they're interested.)

Also, I'd also encourage you to ask your player what they worked on in their first practice and to demonstrate for you.  Ask them about ready position ("READY 1, 2!"), the Fielding Triangle, saying "Yes!" when throwing, and pulling and then snapping/popping the bat.


Good luck, and we'll see you at pictures.

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Practice change, team photos, and competitive play  (from MBA website)
by posted 04/19/2022

Hello Again Parents,

I wanted to pass along a few items this week prior to our practice and first game(!): 

  • Just to clarify, the practice that had originally scheduled for tonight (Tues, 4/19) has been changed due to unsuitable field conditions at our normal practice site, Cathcart Park.  This week's practice is now scheduled for Thursday 4/21 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm at Manor Park.  We've got a lot we're going to try and fit in, so please arrive on time and ready to play!
  • Additionally, please note that our team photos are scheduled for this Saturday the 23rd at 11:00am, so I've added the event to our team calendar.  (We also have a game that morning at 8:15, so fortunately, everyone will be in uniform already.)
  • Lastly, as this is the first year keeping score and calling strikes (swinging only), we need to acknowledge that there will be team losses and individual strikeouts.  If your player is not used to competitive sports or is unfamiliar with dealing with disapointment or a loss, it might be a good time to have a conversation about how to handle things like strikeouts, getting called out on a close play, or a team loss.  For perspective, remember that a .300 batting average, which is considered excellent in baseball, still means that a player is getting on base only 3 out of every 10 times.



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